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Aenaos - ambassadors of Greek music

Eleni Irakleous – Voice, piano

Marc Alexey – Guitar, voice


born in Larnaca, Cyprus began at the age of 9 to discover the piano, with 13, she placed second in her first public competition, she repeated this success a year later in the competition, “Steinway for Young Pianists” and then became the 11th Steinway Festival in Hamburg invited to represent Cyprus there. Other competitions in Cyprus and Vienna followed. Since 2009 she studied at the Berlin University was, but always alongside her passion for jazz and sang in various formations in Cyprus and Berlin. They met on

Marc Alexey

He began at age 5 with classical guitar and was pulled with 13 in the spell of the electric guitar. Five years later came the publication of his first record speed metal group “Calderone” . Numerous concerts and engagements as lead guitarist in heavy metal groups of the genre followed. In 1996/97, he played at “Tangerine Dream” experimented with and alongside of W. Neuhaus “Alphaville” in the electronic music scene. ’99, He rediscovered the classical guitar and studied under the direction of Frank Hill. Classical guitar concerts but also rock concerts all over Europe followed. 2005, his first concert with Greek music in the Berlin Philharmonic with KMS Kostas Papanastasiou, which was successfully repeated since in various cities in Germany.

Eleni and Marc founded in early 2010 the duo Aenaos.

They combine their different styles in the interpretation of Greek music and give it its own charm. October 2010 she gave her debut concert in Berlin successfully followed by other appearances. In January 2011, Eleni was 19th on the Award competition for the Cypriot song as the best singer and occupied with their composition close second place.

This kind of Aenaos own, to interpret well-known Greek music was also successfully performed in several concerts in Greece.