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27.10.2012 Labsaal Berlin

27.10.2012 Labsaal Berlin

First concert as “Ambassadors of Greek music”

During our recent concerts in Cyprus, we were described with the following sentences: “… they have made it their goal to carry and expose the beauty of Greek music in other countries ….. as ambassadors of Greek music.

We would love to celebrate the award of this title at our next concert !

Therefore, we are playing for the first time with our entire cast on stage! Katja Braun on the violin, with Panajiotis Tsappis, our bouzouki player in Greece and Leftheris Stampouloglou, our bouzouki in Germany. We look forward to this premiere 🙂

Furthermore, we will have the honor to accompany a carrier of Federal Cross of Merit musically, mr. Kostas Papanastasiou.

Thus saith the Labsaal…

Do you remember at the beginning of the TV Series “Lindenstraße”? There was the host Kostas, who in this series – operating a Greek taverna (ie the “Terzo Mondo”) – just like in real life. His son, Marc Alexey is a first-class singer, who is now no longer just spoiled in his father’s restaurant, visitors with sensitive ballads. Along with his musical partner, the Cypriot Eleni Irakleous, they are a duo “Aenaos” That evening the charm and magic Greek shear music with traditional roots, but also “enriched” with filigree garde elements and occasional suggestions from the jazz range unfold. Greece absolute best feeling in Labsaal is guaranteed.

Saturday, 27.10. 2012

Alt Lübars 8, 13469 Berlin,

last Station Bus 222

20.00 clock 13, – / 11, – / 5, – €

A wonderful evening in the north of Berlin, a great location and a great audience, thank you 28/10/2012