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10.&11.03 2012 Delphic Festival + ITB Berlin

10.&11.03 2012 Delphic Festival + ITB Berlin

Aenaos represent Greece this year musically at the ITB 2012 in Berlin.
Tickets ITB1-215x300

We will be on Saturday, 3/10/2012 play on the big stage in Hall 4.1 a clock from 15:30 for half an hour an excerpt from our “Neraidismata“. A fine opportunity to the many visitors and dealers from around the world the beauty of Greek music to get close.

On Sunday, 11/03/2012 Aenaos then goes from 11:30 – 12:10 clock “on air” from the “Sonntagsspaziergang” vom Deutschlandfunk. For those who want to be live in the transmission while it is sent from the stage at the fairgrounds in Hall 4.1a.

then it goes quickly to the next sound check for our show with Kostas Papanastasiou at the Palais at the Funturm, where we will on Sunday, 11.03.2012 at about 15:30 recite an excerpt of a successful concert at the Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall. This performance will be during the “Delphic Festival”, which in recent years by the IDC as a furious final party of the ITB, held successfully.

This contact with the IDC International Delphic Council and the Delphic Games – the sister of the Olympic Games pleased us very much, so maybe we get a gold medal times for Hellas and Cyprus…..

Great weekend, with strong impressions and varied music from around the world, great audience and a fulminant final with the Delphic Festival! 12.03.2012