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06.01.2012 Γκαλερι Τερτσο

06.01.2012 Γκαλερι Τερτσο

A repeat of the successful concert at the occasion Auenkirche with Greek / Cypriot Christmas songs and love songs of the Greek Orthodox Christmas.
Aenaos - ambassadors of Greek music

It takes place in the gallery of the Terzo Mondo, beginning Grolmanstr.28 20.00 clock.

A small and very cozy stage with lots of charm and we are happy to try us out of the house sound system Sunray Mundus. It is natural to sound converter that will produce a very natural sound ….. we are very excited!

Here is a description of the manufacturer: “the meaning and purpose of the development of the natural acoustic transducer is to the people close to nature as possible to allow a hearing in accordance with the laws of physics. Since nature works exclusively with spherical sound field, is the creation of a spherical sound the most essential requirement for the SUNRAY system. This requires the synchronization of multiple structural layers and elements. Only this way for the listener the astonishing phenomenon that we call “acoustic hologram.” From the finest synchronization results in a precise positioning of the sound sources that clearly defined positioning of voices and instruments, as well as completely harmonious distribution of the generated sound access throughout ball room. “

Because of that wonderful sound of the natural sphere transducers (thanks to R. Steinbeck) and the warm reception of our audience a great start to 2012!